Replace your mechanical fastening system with our adhesive-bonding technology.

Adhesive-bonded fasteners have been used for decades in aerospace, marine and offshore, land vehicles, and space exploration. Trusted in both military and commercial applications, our line of fasteners include rivetless nutplates, studs, standoffs, tie-mounts, sleeves, and more. They are ideal for composite materials, as they preserve structural integrity, and prevent galvanic corrosion. Visit our booth at Sea-Air-Space for product demonstrations. The future is adhesive-bonding, and the future is here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thousands of CB9715 adhesive-bonded studs have been installed on U.S. military and commercial ships.

Click Bond and our naval distribution partner Enfasco are proud to announce NAVSEA has approved the use of CB9715 bulkhead studs (per NAVSEA drawing number 803-8436636A) on all U.S. Navy Combatant surface ships.

The advantages of CB9715 bonded studs include significant cost savings by preserving bulkheads (no welding and drilled holes), elimination of hot work and fire watches, reduction of labor costs for insulation removal, and gas freeing of fuel and storage tanks. Click Bond CB9715 studs have passed rigorous Mil901D shock and Mil-STD-167-1A vibration tests and exceeded numerous adhesive characterization requirements. Click Bond studs require less installation time than traditional welding methods, which means improved fleet readiness for the next mission. Click here to download more information.


Naval Distribution Partner Enfasco Training Sessions

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Studs and Standoffs

Bonded studs and standoffs create attachment points where drill-through holes or hotwork is not possible, all while preserving the structural integrity of the substrate.

Adhesive bonding is ideal for attaching to highly stressed, fatigue-critical, pressurized, or fluid-boundary structures. That's because there are no installation holes to penetrate the surface.

Swivel Cable-Tie Mounts

Composite-base, swivel cable-tie mounts with nylon or PEEK saddles offer user-designed placement schemes for routing at any angle with the added benefit of aluminum or lightweight composite bases.

Custom Solutions

Our engineers are ready to pioneer advanced fastening solutions to solve your design challenges and enable your ideas to take off. Contact our Sales Team to explore customized designs as well as the hundreds of iterative products not shown in our online product database.

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