Relationships and Technology Go Hand in Hand to Boost Click Bond

Written by: Paul Mcneill, Vice President, Industry & Government Relations   |   Posted on: April 01, 2022

Click Bond attended the Aerospace and Astronautics (AIAA) SciTech forum in January 2022. 

Relationships and Technology Go Hand in Hand to Boost Click Bond

On January 5-7, a Click Bond delegation traveled to San Diego for the annual American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) SciTech forum. They plunged into technical discussions and white paper presentations, swapped business cards with key customers and suppliers, and saw new technology demonstrations. In doing so, they are expanding Click Bond’s web of influence and global understanding, linking to some of the most significant aerospace and defense (A&D) programs and professionals in the world.

AIAA is a professional technical society — a non-profit organization with 30,000 member professionals in 90 countries — whose purpose is to “ignite and celebrate aerospace ingenuity and collaboration and its importance to our way of life.” Click Bond is one of 100 corporate members.

AIAA hosts four forums every year, one for each of domain of our industry: SciTech (research & development), Aviation, Defense, and ASCEND (space). Individuals begin their preparation months or even years in advance, designing, executing, and documenting their findings in order to excite the industry and attract attention to their work.

Personal collaboration is critical in science and technology, particularly in A&D. The pandemic put a drag on engagement, but at SciTech we saw things coming back to life, with an impressive 5,000 in-person and virtual participants and 3,000 technical presentations on 60 aerospace research topics. Eager professionals, many early in their careers, showed up and shared some extraordinary work they’ve undertaken over the last two years.

The Click Bond team consisted of Mechanical Engineer Mike Johnson, Senior R&D Engineer

Sarbjit Kaur, Design Engineer Logan Krantz, and Customer Support Engineer Tim Anderson. All gained a deeper understanding of the value of sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with peers and government representatives to grow and work together, which I know will fuel Click Bond’s future health.

In the Expo Hall, booths were approximately the same size lending an egalitarian feel to the event.  The vibe was inviting and supported the fact that our industry needs all of us working together to be strong. Technologists staffing the booths shared their challenges, triumphs, and new ideas. Many knew our products and had used them many times .

Finally, significant attention was paid to the digital transformation of our industry. Driven by DOD and NASA, the movement to digitize is sweeping A&D. Click Bond, too, is experiencing its own transformation, and the more we engage in the thinking on this topic with government and prime customers, the greater Click Bond’s success will be implementing plans and investments.

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