Click Bonder to Earn MT1 Certification

Written by: Jessica Santina   |   Posted on: March 04, 2022

 Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) certification program at Western Nevada College.

Click Bonder to Earn MT1 Certification

Click Bonder Cristian Cardenas-Ledezma enrolled in the accelerated Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) certification program at Western Nevada College in September 2021 as a way to improve his skills on the job.

“I wanted to further my education in manufacturing because I really enjoy the culture at Click Bond and want to grow within the company, so this felt like a good way to do that,” he says.

Designed in partnership between WNC and Click Bond, the accelerated MT1 program takes just two months to complete and features three classes that provide training in core industry-wine skills needed in advanced manufacturing, including math and measurement, spatial reasoning and manufacturing technology, and business acumen and quality. Courses are delivered through a combination of online activities and in-person instruction at the WNC campus.

Cristian explain that the cost of the program would have been prohibitive if Click Bond had not provided funding through its Tuition Assistance Program, which was designed to support employees’ efforts to further their education. Qualifying employees not only are reimbursed for the cost of courses, but also for textbooks, required materials, fees, and other expenses associated with their education programs — there are no caps on the amount they can receive in reimbursement. Employees pay costs up front, and at the end of their semesters, they present transcripts showing a grade point average of B or better, along with itemized proof of payment for tuition and other expenses. Reimbursements are paid within 30 days.

“It was kind of a challenge to save up the money in the beginning, but it helped knowing I would get that money back as long as I did well in my classes,” Cristian says. “It gave me motivation to do really well. I had to earn a B or better, so I figured, why not go for the A!” His great attitude helped him be successful in the program, and he graduated in December.

Congratulations, Cristian, for this wonderful achievement!

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