FYRE 5480 Robotics Team makes it to semifinals

Written by: Danielle Reinhardt   |   Posted on: March 23, 2017

Click Bond sponsored the robotics team FYRE 5480 (FIRST Young Robotics Engineers).

FYRE 5480 Robotics Team makes it to semifinals

The team of high school students from the Reno, NV area participated in a 6-week program that challenged them to conceptualize the design of a robot then build and program the robot to do various tasks. All their work culminated in a competition in Sacramento, CA March 23rd – 25th at the ARC Pavilion on University of California, Davis campus.  After two intense days of competition which included collaborating with other teams, fixing mechanical breakdowns and reprograming their robot, FYRE 5480 made it to the last round of the semifinals, a first time for their team and a very prestigious accomplishment!

Click Bond employee, Chris Palmer has worked with FYRE 5480 for two years and is proud to be part of FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Stem Technology). This year-round program inspires children of all ages to be innovative, collaborative and embrace the tenants of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) As a mentor, Chris is passionate about allowing these young minds to solve problems on their own and enjoys facilitating in an environment where they can think outside the box.

“As an engineer, I have all sorts of ideas for how to solve the challenges that these kids face, but as a mentor, I have to step back and allow them to think for themselves. It is one of the most incredible parts of the job because they will come back to me with absolutely brilliant ideas to solve problems in ways I would never have considered.”

Click Bond congratulates Chris and team on the accomplishments of FYRE 5480! 

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