Click Bond Partners with Discovery Museum

Written by: Clyde Simmons   |   Posted on: June 15, 2017

A fruitful partnership with The Discovery Museum in downtown Reno, NV has developed over the past few months.

Click Bond Partners with Discovery Museum

This unique partnership began with a complex leadership challenge at the beginning of 2017. Over the course of three days, two cross-functional teams from Click Bond had to think “outside the box” under significant pressure to find solutions to help the Discovery Museum evaluate their new business plan; a process known as a “Consultancy Raid”. In April, a group of employees from The Discovery Museum came to the Click Bond Carson City campus and participated in a consultancy raid to help Click Bond evaluate manufacturing processes.

The teams from The Discovery Museum shared insights and recommendations with the departments and employees. They were particularly impressed with the overall commitment Click Bond employees have to quality and our mission, enhancing customer competitiveness. About six weeks later, the group of Discovery employees returned to Click Bond for an in-depth plant tour. Clyde Simmons, Karl Gibb, and Ellie Keene explained many of our manufacturing processes, assisted in bonding samples and the group was able to meet Ron Felix, Click Bond’s new COO.

Just recently, a team of Click Bond Employee’s volunteered at the museum for their STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education night on June 15, 2017. The Click Bond employees facilitated activities for attendees including experimenting with 3-D pens, building structures from only newspaper and tape, creating rockets, and making boats. This experiential learning promotes learning and understanding in what can be the intimidating world of engineering.

Click Bond is looking forward to a continued partnership with The Discovery. If you want to learn more about The Discovery Museum or are interested in volunteering visit their website at

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